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Aqueous Polymer/Bentonite Blend - (AQP1001)

Aqueous Polymer/Bentonite Blend Chemtex AQP1001 OIL927
Rapid solidification of aqueous sludge streams with residual organics and petroleum contamination
This is a blend of super absorbent aqueous polymers and bentonite and organo clay. The polymers will absorb up to 275 times their weight in water, and the bentonite clay will absorb the oil. This product is great for sludge stabilization prior to and during transportation. If you have hydrocarbons mixed in with your sludge, the aqueous polymer alone will not work; bentonite is needed to absorb the hydrocarbons.


UPC 815281022418
Model # OIL927
Mfg # AQP1001

Aqueous Polymer/Bentonite Blend

Product Size 50 lb bag
Shipping Weight (lbs) 54.000000
Absorbency (gal) Up to 275:1
Units/Pkg 50 lbs
Shipping Length (inches) 21
Shipping Width (inches) 21
Shipping Height (inches) 9
Catalog Page 70
Qty/Pallet 45
Fluids Sorbed Universal