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HCS Polymer Booms - (HCSP1003)

HCS Polymer Booms 3" x 10' Chemtex HCSP1003	OIL940
Our HCS Polymer Boom is ideal for use in the marine environment.

Perfect for use at fuel docks and marinas. The HCS Polymer Boom can be placed in scuppers on ships to prevent hydrocarbon run-off from the decks of commercial vessels and in engine rooms or bilges to remove oil from water. Booms also can be used on land applications to prevent hydrocarbons from entering storm drains.

HCS polymers are used to solidify and suppress harmful vapors of sheen, gasoline, diesel, and oils, including crudes, upon contact. The by-product is a solid, rubber-like material that floats in water. Environmentally friendly, HCS polymer has been tested not harmful to aquatic life and waterfowl. The solidified by-product is 100% recyclable as raw material for rubber and plastic production or asphalt, or can be burned as fuel.

Depending on your local and state regulations, HCS polymer also can be disposed of in a landfill. Other uses and applications are in the utility industry for SPCC Secondary Containment, and in oil contamination removal in underground vaults and manholes; HCS polymer also can be used to filter water in storm drains or industrial waste streams.

• Nontoxic, noncarcinogenic, noncorrosive, nonhazardous.

• Nonbiodegradable; encapsulated waste will not produce a hazardous leachate.

• Solidifies up to 8 times its own weight.

• Versatile — hydrophobic by nature, so you can use it to clean spills on both land and water.

• Safe and easy disposal


UPC 815281028595
Model # OIL940
Mfg # HCSP1003

HCS Polymer, Booms, 3" x 10'

Product Size 3" x 10'
Shipping Weight (lbs) 37.000000
Product Size, Metric 7.62 cm x 3.848 m
Absorbency (gal) Up to 8:1
Shipping Weight (kg) 33.1 kg
Units/Pkg 4/Bale
Shipping Length (inches) 16
Shipping Width (inches) 21
Shipping Height (inches) 16
Catalog Page 69
Qty/Pallet 30
Fluids Sorbed Hydrocarbons