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Boom in a Bag

Ever find yourself needing a containment boom in a pinch, but you don’t have the manpower to deploy the standard 18" containment boom? Or maybe an 18" boom is just too much for the job. Our new Boom in a Bag is the perfect solution. This highly compact, featherlight response boom is great for small spills of all kinds. Boom in a Bag has 50' of 8" containment boom, which consists of a 3" float and a 5" skirt. Made out of 22 oz. PVC, this boom uses lightweight, easy-to-use slotted tube connectors for easy connections. Stored in a PVC bag, one person is all it takes to carry and deploy. Great for marinas, because it won’t take up much space. In fact, this boom could be stored in a closet or in the back of a pickup truck.
PVC Bag for Storing Boom in a Bag
19" x 62" x 12"
1 Each
Boom in a Bag
8" x 50'
1 Each