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Oil Snare

Oil Snare™ products were developed for the recovery of Bunker C, Crude Oil, and Numbers 4, 5, & 6 oil. Oil Snare utilizes the oil’s natural stickiness to entrap it within thousands of plastic tentacles. Operative even in subfreezing conditions. Oil Snare products are made up of flat polypropylene ribbon yarn configured into two different products (Oil Snare Singles, Oil Snare on a Rope). Oil Snare is hydrophobic, oleophilic, nontoxic or corrosive, non-scattering, inert, floats (will not sink) indefinitely. Oil Snare is resistant to rot and mildew after long storage and does not have a shelf life. Oil Snare products can be drained or doused with #1 or #2 oil which removes the heavy oils, allowing units to be reused if desired, and allowing recycling of extracted oil as downgraded fuel.
Oil Snare Rope,
30 Oil Snares an a 50' Rope
1 Each
Oil Snare Singles
30 Per Package