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HgX® Mercury Decontaminant Powder - (NEUT3601)

HgX Mercury Decontaminant Powder Chemtex NEUT3601	OILM7035
For the reduction of toxic mercury vapor, HgX® is an inexpensive, water-soluble, nonhazardous, metallic-mercury/sulfide-converting powder with a chelating compound and dispersing agent. It reacts rapidly, forming a film over the finely divided, nearly invisible beads of mercury and reacting to produce a nonvaporizing sulfide. Further, HgX® keeps on working. Particles of HgX® left on cleaned surfaces are reactivated during subsequent cleaning.

HgX® is not harmful. None of its components are classified as toxic. It leaves no odor. And no allergic reactions ever have been reported, even after continuous use under various conditions.

HgX® is stable. It is supplied in polyethylene drums and can be stored safely up to one year without any loss of activity.


UPC 815281022319
Model # OILM7035
Mfg # NEUT3601
Description HgX® Mercury Decontaminant Powder
Product Size 20 lb
Shipping Weight (lbs) 23.000000
Product Size, Metric 9.072 kg
Shipping Weight (kg) 10.4 kg
Units/Pkg 20 lb
Shipping Length (inches) 13
Shipping Width (inches) 13
Shipping Height (inches) 11
Catalog Page 72
Fluids Sorbed Mercury