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Ordering Info

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  • 1. A purchase order is required for all orders. Purchase orders must have a contact person, purchase order number, the complete ship-to address, Chemtex manufacturing codes, quantities and prices and specific shipping instructions. Any missing information is subject to delay processing the purchase order. No verbal orders will be accepted Emailed orders should be sent to
  • 2. Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
  • 3. No minimum order requirements.
  • 4. Special pricing may be considered for bid situation but will require the distributor to disclose the company name and period of the bid.
  • 5. All distributor partners are required to complete a Chemtex credit application. If approved, Chemtex terms are N30.
  • 6. Chemtex will drop-shipment for our distributor partners. There is no fee unless the carrier imposes a fee which will be billed back to the distributor.
  • 7. Freight is FOB Cumberland, RI or Milledgeville, GA. If using a Chemtex carrier (prepay and add) all accessorial charges will be billed back to the distributor. This includes but is not limited to delivery appointment fees, lift-gate fees, limited access fees and detention charges. Best practice is to know if any of these services will be required before shipping so they are included at the time of sale. If Chemtex is billed after the sale for any accessorial charges, distributor will be responsible. Failure to pay these fees will result in the account only using their collect account.
  • 8. In regards to rush orders, the distributor will be responsible to pay the difference in cost between normal trans-portation and RUSH/Air Freight charges.
  • 9. Literature: Catalogs are free of charge in reasonable quantities. In large quantities, a charge of $1.50/catalog will apply.

Warranty and Disclaimer

There are no express warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. Seller disclaims any implied warranties of merchant- ability or of fitness for any particular purpose. Since seller cannot con- trol the use of its products after their resale, seller will not be respon- sible for any consequential or indirect damages. Rather seller will, at its option, either replace the products sold or refund the purchase price. No warranties will apply if the products are in any way altered or mod- ified after delivery by seller.

Handling, Storage, and Disposal

Handling, storage, and disposal of products must be carried out in compli-ance with all local, state, and federal regulations. Various sorbed fluids may be toxic or hazardous in nature and should be disposed of in the approved manner.


Flammable and other hazardous liquids when contaminated in any sorbent material continue to be unsafe and are subject to spon-taneous ignition. Appropriate respiratory devices and protective clothing should be worn. Exercise extreme care when handling, storing, and disposing of absorbent materials containing such liquids to avoid personal injury and environmental pollution.