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Product Close Outs - Call for Pricing 

Availability as of December 9, 2021

Absorbents, Hazmat
  PSYS200-CAU Pads, Alert CAUTION 15” x 19” 6 Available Details
  PHYFF100 Pads, Hazmat Fine Fiber Meltblown (FMF), Heavy Weight 15" x 19" 18 Available Details
  OILM8006 Particulate, Hazmat 6 Available Call for Details
  PILY181816-CAU Pillows, Alert CAUTION Pillows 18” x 18” 6 Available Details
  PILY181816 Pillows, Hazmat Pillows 18" x 18" 32 Available Details
  RHYS150 Rolls, Hazmat Bonded Meltblown (SM) Heavy Weight 30" x 150' 16 Available Details
  RHYS1502 Rolls, Hazmat Bonded Meltblown (SM) Rolls, Heavy Weight 15" x 150' 12 Available Details
  SOCY312012LF-CAU Socks, Alert CAUTION Layflat Socks 3” x 10’ 4 Available Details
  SOCY34830LF-CAU Socks, Alert CAUTION Layflat  3” x 4’ 4 Available Details
  SOCY34810 Socks, Hazmat 3" x 4' 10 Per Package 30 Available Details
  SOCY34830 Socks, Hazmat 3" x 4', 30 Per Package 64 Available Details
  SOCY34812 Socks, Hazmat 3” x 4’ 15 Available Call for Details
  SOCY39615 Socks, Hazmat 3" x 8' 15 Per Package 4 Available Details
  SOCY5104 Socks, Hazmat Jumbo  5" x 10' 14 Available Call for Details
  SOCY8104 Socks, Hazmat Jumbo, 8" x 10' 10 Available Call for Details
Absorbents, Oil Only
  BW81810 Bilge Booms (Mini Booms), Oil Only 8" x 18" 16 Available Details
  BW31820 Bilge Socks, Oil Only 3" x 18" 7 Available Details
  BW3104 Booms, Oil Only 3" x 10'  32 Available Details
  BW8202 Booms, Oil Only 8" x 20' 7 Available Details
  DPO1010 Drip Pans With Replacement Pillows, Oil Only 10.5" x 10.5" x 3" 10 Available Details
  PSWBDT25 Drum Tops,Oil Only, Light Weight 16 Available Details
  PSWB100 Pads, Oil Only Dimpled Meltblown, Light Weight 15" x 18" 1 Available Details
  PSWB200 Pads, Oil Only Dimpled Meltblown, Light Weight 15" x 18" 40 Available Details
  PHWSS100 Pads, Oil Only Laminated Bonded Meltblown (SMS), Heavy Weight 15" x 19" 21 Available Details
  PILW181816 Pillows, Oil Only 18" x 18" 75 Available Details
  PILW91516 Pillows, Oil Only  9" x 15" 24 Available  Details
  RSWS300 Rolls, Oil Only Bonded Meltblown (SM) Roll, Light Weight, 30" x 300' 5 Available Details
  RHWS1502 Rolls, Oil Only Bonded Meltblown (SM), Heavy Weight 15" x 150' 0 Available  
  RMWB1502 Rolls, Oil Only Dimpled Meltblown Medium Weight 15" x 150' 30 Available Details
  RMWB150 Rolls, Oil Only Dimpled Meltblown Medium Weight 30" x 150' 16 Available Details
  RHWB150 Rolls, Oil Only Dimpled Meltblown, Heavy Weight 8 Available Details
  RHWFF150 Rolls, Oil Only Fine Fiber Meltblown (FMF), Heavy Weight  15 Available Details
  RMWFF150 Rolls, Oil Only Fine Fiber Meltblown (FMF), Medium Weight 46 Available Details
  RMWFF1502 Rolls, Oil Only Fine Fiber Meltblown (FMF), Medium Weight 15 Available Details
  RHW1502 Rolls, Oil Only Standard Meltblown, Heavy Weight 4 Available Details
  RMW1502 Rolls, Oil Only Standard Meltblown, Medium Weight 19 Available Details
  SOCW39615 Socks, Oil Only 21 Available Details
  SOCW34812 Socks, Oil Only 3" x 4' 4 Available Call for Details
  SOCW32420 Socks, Oil Only Well Socks 59 Available Details
  SOCW32406 Socks, Oil Only  10 Available Details
  OILM207 Socks, Oil Only  3" x 1' 16 Available Call for Details
  OILM5999 Railroad track matting, Oil Only, Outside Pieces 9 Available Call for Details
Absorbents, Universal
  BG8104 Booms, Universal 19 Available Details
  BY5104 Booms, Universal 5" x 10' 5 Available Call For Details
  OILM8005 Drip Pans, Universal 9 Available Call for Details
  PSGBDT25 Drum Tops, Universal, Light Weight 58 Available Details
  RHGNP25 Ground Guard, Universal  12 Available Details
  OILM1091 Pads Universal Polyback 42 Available Call for Details
  OILM6030 Pads, Stitch Universal Absorbent Bonded  3 Available Call for Details
  PHGS50 Pads, Universal Bonded Meltblown (SM) Heavy Weight  15 Available Details
  PHCSF100 Pads, Universal Camo Matting Pads 42 Available Details
  PGSS100HL Pads, Universal Laminated Bonded Meltblown (SMS), High Loft 30 Available Details
  OILM1065 Pads, Universal Light Weight 86 Available Call for Details
  PHGB100PB Pads, Universal Poly-Backed Pads 30 Available Details
  PILG91516 Pillows, Universal 9 Available Details
  PILG81840 Pillows, Universal  8" x 18" 3 Available Call for Details
  RHRAG150 Rag Rug, Universal  7 Available Details
  RHGB1502 Rolls, Universal Dimpled Meltblown Rolls, Heavy Weight 9 Available Details
  RSGB300 Rolls, Universal Dimpled Meltblown, Light Weight, 30" x 300' 18 Available Details
  RMGFF1502 Rolls, Universal Fine Fiber Meltblown (FMF) Medium Weight 20 Available Details
  RSGFF300 Rolls, Universal Fine Fiber Meltblown (FMF), Light Weight 24 Available Details
  RHGSS150 Rolls, Universal Laminated Bonded Meltblown (SMS), Heavy Weight 21 Available Details
  RGSS150HL Rolls, Universal Laminated Bonded Meltblown (SMS), High Loft 21 Available Details
  RMGNP300 Rug, Universal Needle-Punch Rug 28 Available Details
  RMGNP300S Rug, Universal Needle-Punch Rug (Seconds) 14 Available Details
  SOCG34812 Socks, Universal 29 Available Call for Details
  SOCG312012 Socks, Universal, 3" x 10", 12 Per case 19 Available Call for Details
  SOCG32406 Socks, Universal Maintenance 16 Available Details
  SOCXLDS7965 Socks, Universal Roll-Off Super Sock, 7" x 8' 77 Available Details
  SOCCLU34830 Socks, Universal Super Socks, 3" x 4' 6 Available Details
  SOCG3966 Socks, Universal  3" x 8'  12 Available Call for Details
  RMNPSB100-36 Sticky Back Mats, Universal 36" x 100' 40 Available Details
  RMNPSB100-30 Sticky Back Mats, Universal 30" x 100' 30 Available Details
  RMNPSB50-30 Sticky Back Mats, Universal 30" x 50' 30 Available Details
Cleaners & Degreasers
  CDSG1004 Simple Green® Crystal 1 Gallon Bottle 2 Available Details
  CDSG1005 Simple Green® Crystal 5 Gallon Pail 4 Available Details
  CDSG1007 Simple Green® Extreme 1 Gallon Bottle 5 Available Details
  CDSG1009 Simple Green® Extreme 55 Gallon Drum 2 Available Details
  CDSG1010 Simple Green® Safety Towels, Bucket with 75 Wipes 5 Available Details
Granulars, Polymers & Neutralizers
  GRAN2001 Absorbent W 1 Available Details
  NEUT1001 Acid Neutralizing Polymer, Granular 5 Gallon 2 Available Details
  NEUT1004 Acid Neutralizing Polymer, Pillows 9 Available Details
  NEUT1003 Acid Neutralizing Polymer, Socks  2" x 4' 5 Available Details
  AQP1001 Aqueous Polymer/Bentonite Blend 45 Available Details
  NEUT2001 Base Neutralizing Polymer, Granular 5 Available Details
  NEUT2004 Base Neutralizing Polymer, Pillows 7 Available Details
  NEUT2003 Base Neutralizing Polymer, Socks 2 Available Details
  HCSP1004 HCS Polymer Bilge Socks 1 Available Details
  HCSP1000 HCS Polymer Boom 2.25" X 150'  1 Available Details
  HCSP1002 HCS Polymer Booms 2.25" x 25' 4 Available Details
  HCSP1005 HCS Polymer Pillows 3 Available Details
  HCSP1006 HCS Polymer, Granular  7 Available Details
  NEUT3600 HgX® Mercury Decontaminant Powder 14 Available Details
  NEUT3601 HgX® Mercury Decontaminant Powder 33 Available Details
  ICE006 Ice Melt 55 Gallon 10 Available Call For Details
  OILM8003 PT-U Particulate Universal 3 Available Call For Details
  OIL061 Sweeping Coumpond 44 Gallon 3 Available Call For Details
Secondary Containment
  CON5075 Bucket, 6 Gallon with Screw-on Lid 494 Available Details
  OILM7354 Containment Berms 2 Available Call for Details
  BERM1042 Containment Berms, Economy  2 Available Details
  CON5621 Containment Unit, Single Drum  2 Available Details
  CON5102 Drum Funnel With Screen 5 Available Details
  CON3107 Equipment Diaper and Replacement Pads 24 Available Details
  OILM7323 Foam Wall Drive In/Drive Out Containment Berm 1 Available Details
  BERM1301 Foam Wall Drive In/Drive Out Containment Berm Contains 249 Gallons 2 Availble Details
  CON5300 Overpack Dolly 4 Available Details
  CON5619 Poly Ramp 7 Available Details
  OILM9500 Poly Sheeting, 6 Mil, Clear 25 Available Details
  OILM7310 Pop-Up Pool Storage bag  66 Gal 6 Available Call for Details
  CON5500 Portable Econo Pop-Up Pool Cab Mount Container 1 Available Details
  CON5504 Pop-Up Pool, Portable Econo  Contains 20 Gallons 5 Avaialble Details
  CON5503 Pop-Up Pool, Portable Econo  6 Available Details
  CON5505 Pop-Up Pool, Portable Econo  7 Available Details
  CON5506 Pop-Up Pool, Portable Econo  8 Available Details
  CON5623 Spill Containment Tray 8 Available Details
  CON5624 Spill Containment Tray 7 Available Details
  CON5625 Spill Containment Tray 6 Available Details
  BERM1063 Spill Nest Grate 4 Available Details
  BERM1060 Spill Nest, 2 Drum 22 Available Details
  BERM1062 Spill Nest, 4 Drum In-Line 4 Available Details
  BERM1061 Spill Nest, 4 Drum Square 9 Available Details
  CON5606 Spill Pallet, 2 Drum  22 Available Details
  CON5614 Spill Pallet, 4 Drum In Line 10 Available Details
  CON5052 Steel Drum, 55 Gallon  23 Available Details
Specialty Products
  PCL0598 Apron PE XL 2 Available Call for Details
  OILM7090 Caution Sign 4 Available Call for Details
  CON6102 Epoxy Putty Stick 6 Available Details
  PPEG1222 Gloves, Disposable Nitrile, Black 20 Available Details
  GLO1058 Gloves, Nitrile Gloves Large 100/Box 21 Available Call for Details
  GLO1071 Gloves, Nitrile Gloves Medium 100/Box 40 Available Call for Details
  GLO1057 Gloves, Nitrile Gloves Small 100/Box 5 Available Call For Details
  GLO1066 Gloves, Nitrile, Blue, Powder-Free, 2x, 4 mil 15 Available Call for Details
  GLO1064 Gloves, Nitrile, Blue, Powder-Free, 4 mil, LG 8 Available Call for Details
  PPEG1100 Gloves, PVC Coated Black, 12", Rough, Jersey Lining 5 Available  Details
  GLO1210 Gloves, PVC  Black 10"  Smooth 10 DZ/CS 10 Available Call for Details
  PPEH1101 Goggles, Chemical  77 Available Details
  PCL7013 Mask, N95 Disposable Mask, 3m 19 Available Call for Details
  PCL0710 Masks, Dust  30 Available Call for Details
  PPEB1002 Nuke Boots, 2X Large 3 Available Details
  PPEB1001 Nuke Boots, X Large 14 Available Details
  CON6101 Plug ‘n’ Dike Tank Repair Compound 1 Available Details
  TPE1000 Rescue Tape Black Silicone Tape 4 Available Details
  TPE1001 Rescue Tape Clear 3 Available Details
  TPE1002 Rescue Tape, Black Silicone Tape 3 Available Details
  TPE1004 Rescue Tape Yellow 2 Available Details
  TPE1003 Rescue Tape Clear Standard Size 2 Available Details
  TPE1005 Rescue Tape, Assorted Colors
7 Available Details
  PCL0703 Safety Glasses, Tinted 16 Available Call for Details
  TOOL1000 Scoop, Non-Sparking & Chemically Resistant, small 122 Available Details
  TOOL1002 Shovel, Collapsible 2-Piece Non-Sparking & Chemically Resistant 29 Available Details
  TOOL1003 Shovel, Economy Blade, Spill Kit Shovel 23 Available Details
  PCL0393 Tychem XL 6 Available Call for Details
Spill Kits & Spill Kit Accessories
  KITU1019 Spill Kit Refill, Universal 30 Gallon  1 Available Details
  KITA1000 Spill Kit, Acid 1 Available Details
  KITA1001 Spill Kit, Acid Neutralizing 8 Available Details
  KITH1007 Spill Kit, Wall Mount Chemical/Solvent 4 Available Details
  KITH1014 Spill Kit, Hazmat 95 Gallon Overpack 1 Details
  KITH1001 Foil Bag Spill Kit, Hazmat 5 Available Details
  KITH1010 Spill Kit, Hazmat, 30 Gallon 7 Available Details
  KITM1000 Spill Kit, Mercury 5 Available Details
  KITU1014 Spill Kit, Universal 14 Gallon 8 Available Details
  KITU1033 Spill Kit, Universal Tote Bag 41 Available Details
  KITU1013 Spill Kit, Universal High-Viz Bag 11 Available Details
  OILM7014KE Spill Kit, Universal, 20 Gal 32 Available Call for Details
  KITO1030 Spill Sack, Oil Only Emergency 24 Available Details
Storm Water Management
  SWMSS1000 Barrel Patch with 11' Strap 1 Available Details
  SWM1205 Dewatering Bag Capacity 150 cu ft 2 Available Details
  SWM1203 Dewatering Bag, Capacity 6 cu ft 17 Available Details
  SWM1204 Dewatering Bag, Capicity 18 cu ft 30 Available Details
  SWMDS1200 Drain Cover Carrying Case for 36" x 36" Drain Protector 1 Available Details
  SWM1102 Drain Guard, Curb-Inset Style 5 Available Details
  SWM1103 Drain Guard, Curb-Inset Style 4 Available Details
  SWMDS1008 DrainProtector™ + Square, Drive Over 36" x 36" 2 Available Details
  SWM1208 Flood Barrier  8 Available Details
  SWM1210 H20 Dams 91 Available Details
  SWMDS1101 Original DrainProtector™ Square 24" x 24" x .25" 4 Available Details
  SWMDS1102 Original DrainProtector™ Square 36" x 36" x .25" 2 Available Details
  SWMDS1103 Original DrainProtector™ Square 48" x 48" x .25" 2 Available Details
  SWMDS1000 Red Alert DrainProtector™ II 17 Available Details
  SWMDS1002 Red Alert DrainProtector™ II 33 Available Details
  SWMDS1003 Red Alert DrainProtector™ II Red, Round, Reversible 6 Available Details
  SWMDS1005 Red Alert DrainProtector™ II Red, Round, Reversible 3 Available Details
  SWMDS1301 Red Alert DrainProtector™ II Red, Square, Reversible 24" x 24" x .25" 3 Available Details
  SWMDS1009 Red Alert DrainProtector™ II Red, Square, Reversible 48" x 48” x .25" 3 Available Details
  SWM1209 Red Alert DrainProtector™ II Red, Square, Reversible 48" x 48” x .25" 2 Available Details
  SWMDS1300 Red Alert DrainProtector™ II  7 Available Details
  OIL798 Spill Dam, 2.25" x 10' 2 Available Details
  SWM1211 Spill Dam, Tall  1 Available Details
Wipers & Rags
  RAG1000 Rags 50 Lb Compressed Bag, Colored Flannel 4 Available Details
  RAG1008 Rags In A Box  64 Available Details
  NWP101 Wipers, Airlay Oil Only  – ¼ Fold Medium-duty 18 Available Call for Details
  WIP1300 Wipers, DRC Wetlay All-Purpose Medium Duty 50 Available Details
  WIP1104 Wipers, Spunlace Wiper on a Roll, White 67 Available Details
  WIP1200 Wipers, Polypropylene 53 Available Details