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Availability as of October 5, 2021

WIP1104 White Spunlace Wiper on a Roll 66 Available
WIP1200 Polypropylene Wipers 53 Available
PHGB100PB Universal Poly-Backed Pads 30 Available
CON3107 Equipment Diaper and Replacement Pads 24 Available
GRAN1003 Perlite, in a Shaker Bottle 16 Available
BERM1060 Spill Nest, 2 Drum 22 Available
BERM1061 Spill Nest, 4 Drum Square 9 Available
BERM1062 Spill Nest, 4 Drum In-Line 4 Available
BERM1063 Spill Nest Grate 4 Available
KITH1007 Wall Mount Chemical/Solvent Spill Kit 4 Available
HCSP1005 HCS Polymer, Pillows 3 Available
TPE1000 Rescue Tape Black Silicone Tape 4 Available
TPE1001 Rescue Tape Clear 3 Available
TPE1002 Rescue Tape, Black Silicone Tape 4 Available
TPE1004 Rescue Tape Yellow 2 Available
TPE1003 Rescue Tape Clear Standard Size 2 Available
TPE1005 Rescue Tape, Assorted Colors
7 Available
CON5500 Portable Econo Pop-Up Pool Cab Mount Container 1 Available
CON6101 Plug ‘n’ Dike Tank Repair Compound 1 Available
HCSP1004 HCS Polymer, Bilge Socks 1 Available
RAG1202 Brick of Rags, Colored Terry 119 Available
RAG1000 Rags & Wiping Cloths Colored Flannel 4 Available
SOCY312012LF-CAU Alert CAUTION Layflat Socks 3” x 10’ 4 Available
SOCY34830LF-CAU Alert CAUTION Layflat Socks  3” x 4’ 4 Available
PILY181816-CAU Alert CAUTION Pillows 18” x 18” 20 Available
PSYS200-CAU Alert CAUTION Pads 15” x 19” 6 Available
PGSS100HL Universal Laminated Bonded Meltblown (SMS) Pads, High Loft 30 Available
PHWSS100 Oil Only Laminated Bonded Meltblown (SMS) Pads, Heavy Weight 20 Available
PSBFF200 Blue Oil Only Fine Fiber Meltblown (FMF) Pads, Light Weight 28 Available
RGSS150HL Universal Laminated Bonded Meltblown (SMS) Roll, High Loft 21 Available
RHGSS150 Universal Laminated Bonded Meltblown (SMS) Roll, Heavy Weight 21 Available
RHYS1502 Hazmat Bonded Meltblown (SM) Rolls, Heavy Weight 25 Available
RMNPSB100-30 Universal Sticky Back Mats, 30" x 100' 70 Available
RMNPSB100-36 Universal Sticky Back Mats, 36" x 100' 72 Available
RMNPSB50-30 Universal Sticky Back Mats, 30" x 50' 70 Available
RSGB300 Universal Dimpled Meltblown Roll, Light Weight, 30" x 300' 18 Available
RSWS300 Oil Only Bonded Meltblown (SM) Roll, Light Weight, 30" x 300' 5 Available
SOCCLU34830 Universal Super Socks, 3" x 4' 8 Available
SOCXLDS7965 Universal Roll-Off Super Sock, 7" x 8' 77 Available
SOCY5104 Hazmat Jumbo Socks, 5" x 10' 14 Available
SOCY8104 Hazmat Jumbo Socks, 8" x 10' 10 Available
HCSP1000 HCS Polymer Boom 2.25" X 150'  1 Available