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Spill Nests

An affordable and convenient temporary storage for drums or equipment. The flexible-sidewall Spill Nest delivers easy-to-use, affordable, temporary spill containment for drums, machine parts, tanks, generators, small equipment and other job site needs. It also can be used as a wash-down pad or pumping station. A great alternative to hard plastic pallets. Features foam sidewalls that easily spring back into place after pressure is applied. Units are constructed of high-quality PVC fabric. Units are drive-in and drive-out with hand truck or forklift—no need for a ramp. Made in the USA. Black HDPE gratings are available and sold separately. Larger sizes are available but are not kept in stock. Some capacities may not meet EPA guidelines.
Spill Nest Grates
25.25" x 51.25"
1 Each
Spill Nest,
4 Drum In-Line
32.25" x 107.75"
1 Each
Spill Nest,
4 Drum Square
57.75" x 57.75"
1 Each
Spill Nest,
2 Drum
32.25" x 57.75"
1 Each