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Spill Kits

Nobody wants an oil spill—but accidents do happen. Don’t be caught unprepared! Like a fire extinguisher is to a fire, a spill kit is to an oil or chemical spill. Choose the right kit for your company’s needs.

Decrease your response times by having a spill cart on site

Overpack Kits can be used to legally transport used sorbents. Lift out baskets provide quick access to products on bottom. Choose the right kit ...

Compact design for easy storage. Allows you to act quickly when responding to a spill.

Response time is crucial when it comes to cleaning a fuel or oil spill on water. The faster you respond, the easier it is to minimize damage.

Why buy a new spill kit every time you use it? Instead of buying the complete kit, just purchase the kit contents. Spill kit contents come packed in a...